As a coaching team it is our intention to create an environment that allows our athletes to
learn, perform and succeed, realizing their full potential both as players and people. We
believe in building a player-parent-coach triangle of support for the team.

Paul Conner (head coach) [ ] has been a coach with this team for two years and brings 20+
years of coaching experience in baseball and fastpitch softball at both recreational and travel
levels. His certifications include: Babe Ruth Certified Coach; USA/ASA - ACE Certifications
Levels I, II and III; National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) Member; National Youth
Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Certified. “Coach Paul” leads practice planning, skill
development, and overall team growth. His philosophy is to compliment practice on the field
during the season with year-round strength and conditioning exercises geared towards softball.
“My greatest pleasure is watching them improve and understand the game while being
successful playing one of the hardest games in the world.”

Lisa Ling [ ]has been coaching this team for 1.5 years and leads the mental training as well as
winter conditioning. A former world-class athlete, she is now a Human Potential Coach with
extensive experience in cultivating mental toughness, resilience and the ability to perform
under pressure. Lisa is a nine-time national champion in karate, World Soke Cup Champion,
and Pan American Games medalist. Since retiring from competition, she has dedicated the
last two decades to understanding and teaching others how to get in and stay in ‘the zone of
peak performance,’ where you can integrate and access the very best of your body, mind and
spirit. She teaches movement and mindfulness across Arlington and North America

Tyler Anbinder is the team manager and assists the coaches at practices as well.

College players. This past year we brought in three former Division One players to
supplement the other coaches, with one focusing on hitting and position play, another on
pitching, and a third working with the catchers (for their credentials, see We plan to use them or a similar group of women to
pass on what they’ve learned to the next generation of elite players!

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