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Coach Kaufman's 2004/2022 team has had strong success over the last 4 years, winning the 12U  & 16U VA State Championships and multiple tournaments.  However, what people love most about the team is the:

  • Best Team Chemistry (Players & Parents!)

  • Strong development of advanced skills

  • Empowering players to think & make decisions under pressure

  • Players maintaining their passion for the game

And, of course:

  • No Drama!

  • A stable coaching staff/team that will stick together through High School!

Coach Kaufman has over 15 years Experience Coaching Travel Softball with the Sage and Lady Lightning.  His players have attended some of the strongest academic schools such as Duke, UVA, Bowdoin, Middlebury, Wesleyan & Oberlin.  He has won over 30 tournaments and 4 state titles, but more importantly, his player develop into mature, confident young adults, while maintaining their passion for the game, and performing at the highest level.


What Parents say about Coach Kaufman's team:

"My kids have played travel sports for over 12 years, and this is the type of team you dream of...great coaching, great kids and a great experience"

"Coach Kaufman is the best coach my daughter has ever had...he teaches, motivates and I can't believe how much my daughter has improved in both her skills and her passion for the game"

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