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Impact Team History

Impact teams have had strong success on the field and recruiting!


Impact National 2022/23

Coach Kaufman developed this team from a 9U Sage team with 4 orignal players playing thru 18U and playing in College.  They developed into a Nationally Ranked Program and sent 9 of their 11 players to play in College.  They had wins over Nationally ranked Teams including Glory-Willemssen, Team Long Island, Batbusters, Unity, Rock Gold and many others.

  • at 16U Impact National went 65-15 including Winnning the prestigious Team New Jersey National Showcase (twice), and had 5-1 records at Pennsbury and 4-2 at Atlanta Legacy

  • at 18U, Impact National WON the 20th First Responder's Cup defeating Glory, Stars National, Tri-State Thunder.  They finished 5-1 at Pennsbury 18 Power Pool.

  • Coach Kaufman was named 2022 Better Sports Club Coach of the Year in Arlington and Abby Kohan and Molly Kaufman were named Athlete of the year and Softball Player of the year!

Impact National 2022 News Archive

Impact 18U Gold - Byrd

Led by Tra Byrd, Impact 18U Gold had strong success and sent 9 players to College!  Coach Tra Byrd capitalized on her success and became a D1 Assistant at Hampton Univerisity!

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